Can You Drink Black Coffee When Fasting?

The process of altering the periods when you eat and when you do not eat is known as fasting. This has become a popular eating pattern amongst many people because of the health benefits attached to it. This article answers the question ‘can you drink black coffee when fasting?’ We will also give you an insight into other things you can or cannot eat while you are on a fast.

Can You Drink Black Coffee When Fasting
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Fasting is a good process of losing weight, in a healthy manner. It also reduces the chances of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

If you are not familiar with fasting, you may want to know the procedures involved in observing the fast. Issues like what you can eat and what to avoid while fasting might cross your mind.

What Are the Major Types of Fasting?

There are two major types of fasting. Dry fasting and intermitent fasting. The most common being the intermittent fast. There are two known variations of the intemitient fasting, the 16:8 method and the 5:8 method. The 16:8 method allows you to eat during 8 hours of the day and starve during the 16 remaining hours of the day.

The 5:2 method of fasting, however, does not restrict you to the periods you can eat. On five days of the week, you can consume all the recommended number of calories prescribed for you. Then, on two other days of the same week, you restrain yourself to twenty or twenty-five percent of your total recommended daily calorie intake.

Dry fasting involves total self-denial from food for the entire fasting period. There are other types of fasting such as a water fast where you only take water for the period you are fasting.

When you fast, you are voluntarily eliminating or reducing the amount of food you consume at a particular period. Using the 18:8 fasting model, you could take your first meal of the day at 12noon and the last meal not later than 8 pm.

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Does Black Coffee Break An Intermittent Fast?

Black coffee will not break your intemitent fast. A moderate quantity of zero or very-low-calorie drinks can be taken while on an intermittent fast. This will not break your fast. Take a lot of liquid while on an intermittent fast to ensure you stay hydrated. Black coffee is one of such hydrating drinks.

Black coffee contains about three calories in a 240ml cup. For many people, this quantity of calories is not enough to begin a sizable metabolic action that will end your fast.

The caffeine in coffee helps reduce your appetite for food. This makes it effortless to stick to the fasting program.

Endeavor to keep your coffee black, without sugar, cream, or any other ingredients. Black coffee alone will not break you fast. But any other added ingredients might.

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What Are The Effects of Caffeine and Coffee on Fasting

The effects of taking coffee and cafeine while fasting are pronounced. The caffeine in the coffee enters your stomach empty. Because of this, your stomach will only have caffeine to digest and your stomach spends a lot more time breaking down the caffeine. The effect of this is you feel more awake, energized, and alert.

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You also should not take the coffee out of moderation. Depending on the fast you are on, you will have a limited option on the food you eat. Restricting you to drinking only liquids for an extended period. There is an increased risk you might suffer frequent diarrhea if you overdose on the coffee.

What Other Drinks Can I Take While On A Fast?

If you do not want to drink coffee alone, or you are not a coffee drinker, there are alternatives for you.

You can take a glass of water. Flavored water is also a choice for you. You can flavor your glass of water by squeezing some fresh lemon juice or any other juice into the water. Drink natural unsweetened tea, adding no ingredient to it.

Avoid eating the lemon or any other fruit you used to flavor the water. Fruits hold a sizable number of calories that can compromise your fast.

You should avoid drinks and beverages like green juices, fruit juices, smoothies, and other drinks that have artificial sweeteners. Many people get confused as they believe every form of juice is free of calories. But these smoothies and juices are made from food or fruits having high numbers of calories. Eating the fruits or drinking the juice made from them will end your fast.

Artificial sugar can make you crave more sugar. While you are fasting, you will want to avoid things that might increase your appetite. An increased appetite while fasting is not ideal. It might make you end your fast earlier or increase your level of anxiety and stress. Reducing the benefits of the fast.

Remember, the essence of the fast is to extend the duration of an uninterrupted period of abstaining from eating any calories. This triggers your body to go into starvation mode. Starvation causes your body to use up fat stored in your body and reduce levels of insulin.

What Can I Eat While Fasting?

If you really want to chew something and still not compromise the fast, you can chew a pack of sugarless gum. Candy that has non-nutritive sugars like xylitol are also an excellent choice. You can also go for a sugar-free ice cube. This will help to distract your mind and your mouth.

Eating any food that has a substantial number of calories (over 20 calories) will break your fast, and kick you out of ketosis

When you eat food, you provide your body with extra calories. Your body will go-ahead to convert this food calorie into energy. This prevents your body from converting excess fat stored in the body to energy. Which is the aim of the fast. 

What Are Other Considerations To Know When Taking Black Coffee During A Fast

Drinking a significant quantity of caffeine from coffees could cause side effects. Side effects such as a temporal increase of blood pressure or heart palpitations. This is a concern for people who have underlying heart conditions. 

High consumption of coffee up to thirteen cups a day increases the risk of poor sleep. Poor sleep will hurt you. Over time, poor sleep or insomnia harms the metabolic health system. Sleep deprivation reduces all the advantages of a fast. You should take your coffee with moderation.

One glass cup (240ml) of coffee has close to 100mg of caffeine. 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day is moderate for an adult.

So Can You Drink Black Coffee When Fasting?

You can drink black coffee while on an intermittent fast. This will not break your fast. Refrain from adding any form of additive to the coffee. Black coffee on its own will not break your fast but adding other additives will.

The choice is yours to make if you will take one or two cups of coffee while you are fasting. Depending on the fast you are on. 

For people observing a dry fast because of religious or health reasons, taking a black coffee is not advised.

If taking a cup of coffee makes your day easier and keeps you alert, then there is no need to skip. Even if you are observing an intermittent fast. Anyway, you should not add any ingredients to the coffee to avoid increasing the caffeine content.

If you do not usually take coffee or do not like it, then there is no pressure to start now. A lot of the health benefits you get from drinking black coffee can also be gotten from eating a nutritious diet.

If you notice that you are having difficulties sleeping, cut down on your coffee intake.

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Final Thoughts — Can You Drink Black Coffee When Fasting

Black coffee, unsweetened tea, and water are ok while you are on an intermittent fast. Gums, sugar-free ice cubes, and candies’ that are sugar-free can keep your mouth busy till your fast is over.

Fasting for whatever purposes should be conducted safely. If you are going to fast for a longer period you should contact a medical expert to make sure you are going about the fast in a safe and healthy way.

Can You Drink Black Coffee When Fasting — Related FAQs

Does Black Coffee Break A Fast?

While on a fast, drinking a moderate quantity of black coffee will not break your fast. Black coffee contains very little amount of calories and very unlikely to break a fast.

Take a moderate quantity of coffee while fasting as coffee intake will improve your fast. The caffeine contained in coffee will improve your brain function, help keep you focused, and reduce inflammation.

However, steer clear of any high-calorie drink. Overconsumption of coffee will have an effect on your health.

Can I Drink Black Coffee Before A Blood Test?

You cannot drink coffee or eat anything during the eight hours preceding your diabetes blood glucose test. Also, do not eat anything for the first eight hours before you take a blood test that checks how medications are working in your body. For accurate results of a triglycerides test, observe an eight hour fast before the test. 

Doctors measure the triglycerides after a fast because the concentration of fatty particles is high in your bloodstream for a few hours after taking a meal.  

Fasting does not influence tests such as blood count, liver function, thyroid function, kidney measurement.

What Can I Drink While Fasting?

Here is a list of what you can drink while fasting:

  • Water. Carbonated or plain water is healthy for you while on a fast. It will improve your hydration while on a fast. Carbonated or plain water has zero calories.
  • Coffee and Tea. Coffee or tea with no added additive will also not break your fast. Coffee will help improve the benefits of your fast. You can take coffee while on an intermittent fast.
  • Diluted apple cider vinegar. This will help keep your mind off food while fasting. Take very little (5 to 10 ml) quantities. Overconsumption will break your fast.

Does Black Coffee Break Ketosis?

Your black coffee will not hamper or break your state of ketosis. There is no negative effect on ketosis from taking black coffee in moderation. While combining black coffee with another diet, you will have to find out if the extra diet is breaking ketosis. 

To find out if the food you are eating is throwing you out of ketosis, carry out a blood ketone glucose test. You can safely conduct this test at home using this blood ketone glucose meter. Carry out the test after an hour of taking your meal.

Can You Drink Coke Zero While Fasting?

Zero coke is calorie-free, however, the added sweeteners in zero coke will break your fast. If you are craving for food while on a fast and need something to take your mind off, suck an ice cube. Drinking plain or carbonated water is also healthy as they help to keep you hydrated while you fast. 

Black coffee is also a known good substitute enhancing the benefits of your fast.

The number of calories and sugar-packed in regular sodas makes them a no go while on a fast.

Does Coffee with Milk Break Intermittent Fasting?

Coffee with milk will not break your fast. Coffee with milk holds less than 40 calories and will not break your fast. Generally eating anything that has more than 50 calories will break your fast. Taking coffee while fasting will improve the benefits of your fast. 

However, take the coffee with moderation. As overconsumption will lead to health complications. An alternative to coffee is tea. A cup of tea with a little milk will do. Irrespective of what you take, make sure you stay hydrated during a fast, this is great for your health.

Drinking coffee alone will not break your fast. Adding other additives like sugar will.