How to Make Good Coffee at Home

One cup of good coffee first thing in the morning is a jolt that guarantees the maximum energy boost needed for the day. It is in fact the best thing about waking up each day. If we may ask, do you know how to make good coffee at home?

How to make good coffee at home
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That is why every coffee lover out there knows how important it is to start a new day the coffee way. So, it is important you learn how to brew a perfect cup of joe. Bad tasting coffee is a huge turnoff. 

A good cup of coffee should have these 3 essential elements above everything else: good roast, good water, and of course your attention.

With the right coffee brewing skills, you are sure of brewing a perfect cup of coffee, just the way you like it. There are other factors that are also determinants. We will look at them in detail in this article. In the meantime, keep scrolling.

How to Make Good Coffee at Home

Follow these steps to make g

  1. Measure the coffee. 2 tablespoons of coffee beans to 6 ounces of water.
  2. Grind your coffee. A fine grind will yield a bitter taste, while a coarse grind will yield a sweet taste.
  3. Boil your water. The temperature should range from 185F to 205F
  4. Pour the water slowly over the coffee grounds. Pour just enough water to saturate the coffee ground.
  5. Soak the coffee ground. Soak for 40 seconds. Then stir gently.
  6. Brew the coffee. Pour more hot water over the coffee ground. Let the water sit for 3 minutes.
  7. Plunge. Use a soft gentle push to plunge the coffee grind down the filter.
  8. Pour and enjoy your coffee.

If you prefer learning by video, this article is also explained here.

Video: How to Make Good Coffee At Home

How Do you Make Better Coffee?

There are some tips that will enhance the quality and taste of your coffee:

Find the perfect roast

Measure your coffee coffee correctly

The coffee grind texture

Find the Perfect Roast

Does the quality of roast affect your coffee?

The quality of the coffee roast will affect the taste of your coffee. Good coffee starts from getting the best coffee beans that are properly roasted. Freshly roasted whole coffee bean makes the best coffee. The quality of flavors you extract during brewing depends on the degree of porosity of your coffee as well as its reaction with water.

Video: How to Make Your Best Coffee Ever

This video will show how to make your best coffee ever using different methods and considering different factors.

How do you know the state of the coffee ground?

One way to know the state of the coffee ground is to observe it while pouring it into a mug. The absence of crema or bubbling foam in your cup of coffee signifies that you used stale coffee beans. Coffee’s peak flavor is a few days after the roast date, and it should be consumed soon enough.

Is ground coffee recommended for making homemade coffee?

Ground coffee is not recommended for making homemade coffee. This is because they have a reduced shelf life and produce low-quality coffee. They can be used alternatively when you can not grind your coffee beans yourself. But ensure that they are fresh.

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Measure Your Coffee Coffee Correctly

How much coffee do you use while brewing coffee?

Use the same quantity of coffee for every unit of water while brewing your coffee. 7.5g of coffee to 150ml of water, or 1 part coffee to 20 parts of water (1:20). This makes a moderately concentrated cup of coffee and can be adjusted to suit your taste preference. That is the best way to make good coffee.

What do you use to measure the coffee beans?

Use a digital measuring scale to measure your coffee beans. It lets you compare the amount of water and coffee beans used for each brewing process.

Another advantage of using a digital scale for measuring your coffee beans is that it eliminates all guesswork.

Nature of Coffee Grind

How fine do you grind your coffee beans?

For a highly caffiented cup of coffee, grind your coffee beans to a fine texture. While for a sweeter less cafenated cup, grind your coffee beans to have to coarse texture. The perfect grind size of the coffee beans is dependent on the recipe you follow. There is no particular size that fits all.

Does coffee bean texture affect the taste of the drink?

The texture you ground your coffee drink will ultimately affect the final taste of the coffee drink. A finely ground coffee has a bitter taste, while a coarsly ground coffee has a weak taste. The reason is because, the big surface area of the finely ground coffee allows water to pass through slowly. This extracts all the flavors in the coffee beans resulting in a bitter taste. A coarsely ground coffee will give a caffeine-packed weak taste. 

What texture do you grind an old coffee roast to?

The best texture to grind an old coffee roast is finely ground. If you want to use an older coffee roast, finely ground the coffee beans so that you can extract more flavor as much as possible.

Can you mix different coffee grinds?

Mixing different coffee grinds will ruin all your efforts at brewing a perfect cup of coffee. To prevent accidental mixing, clean your coffee grinder immediately after each use. Also, shake your coffee grinder to remove loose debris. Leftover coffee grinds will make your coffee taste bitter.

Remember to check your product manual to know the perfect grind setting for different coffee grind sizes.

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Pre-infuse Coffee Grounds

How do you pre-infuse coffee grounds?

To pre-infuse coffee insert a filter into a hopper or funnel, and add the ground coffee. Then preheat about 50ml water in a kettle to 200oF. Next, slowly pour the boiled water over the ground coffee. Make sure you wet all the grounds thoroughly. Allow it to sit for about 45 seconds before plunging. 

Most push-button coffee makers, like the drip coffee makers, do not prepare ground coffee properly for maximum extraction. On the other hand, manual coffee makers call for a blooming or pre-infusion process.

What effect does pre-infusion have on coffee?

This pre-infusion procedure prepares the coffee. It makes the coffee release any left-over carbon-dioxide gas from the coffee beans during the roasting process. Skiping this step will let carbon dioxide in the coffee to repel water during the brewing process. This makes the coffee weak. 

Use the Right Quality of Water

Does the quality of water used in making coffee matter?

The quality of water used in brewing your coffee will determine the quality of flavor you get from the coffee ground.

The right quantity and quality of water as well as the method of brewing the coffee is necessary to brew the perfect cup of coffee. Unfortunately, this aspect is always overlooked.

At what temperature do you brew coffee?

Brew coffee with water at a temperature of 185F to 205F. Anything below and the cup of coffee tastes raw. Too hot and anove 205F and it will taste burnt.

Hard or soft water, which is best for brewing coffee?

Soft water is best for brewing your cup of coffee. Unlike hard water, It does not contain an enormous amount of water menerals. An increased amount of mineral found in hard water prevents the coffee ground from being completely extracted. This results in a weak flavoured coffee. This is because the minerals will not bond very well with the dissolved coffee particles.

The fewer minerals in the water the better you cup of coffee. Get a good filter like the Brita water filter. This will help you filter your water since water quality varies from one city to the other.

Also, the mineral content of water causes build-ups in your coffee maker. This requires you to descale the coffee maker regularly. Using distilled or overly filtered water is also detrimental to your coffee maker. 

You could check the pH of the water too and be sure it is within the recommended range.

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Brew Your Coffee at The Right Temperature

What is the ideal water temperature to brew coffee at?

The ideal water temperature to brew coffee is between 185oF and 205oF. To ensure that your coffee maker gets to the ideal temperature, use a thermometer to check before you start brewing. The temperature of the water must not exceed 205oF. If it does, the water will burn the coffee.

Will an automatic coffee maker brew coffee at the right temperature?

Automatic coffee makers sometimes brew coffee without reaching the ideal temperature. Recent models of automatic coffee makers have manual temperature adjustment settings, while the older models do not. If the temperature never gets to at least 185oF, you can preheat your water using a kettle.

After boiling water, leave it to sit for about thirty seconds. Then use it to make your coffee. 

Brewing Methods

Will the brewing method influence the taste of coffee?

The method of brewing plays a major role in the taste of your brewed coffee. For example, using a French press to brew your coffee will give you an oily and full-bodied coffee. It also gives a consistent taste.

Meanwhile, Percolators brewing method produces a fairly consistent coffee but, you will have less control over the brewing process. This is entirely different for the AeroPress. Its brewing process and the taste are unique.

Store Your Coffee Beans Properly

Just as it is important you buy fresh coffee beans, you must store them properly. This will retain the freshness of your coffee for a long time. Vacuum sealed vessels or Mason jars are perfect for storing coffee beans.

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What Are Budget-Friendly Coffee Makers for Your Home

Here is a list of the top six budget friendly coffee makers for your home:

  1. Chemex Coffee Maker
  2. The French Press
  3. Moka Pot or Stovetop Espresso Makers
  4. The Hario v60
  5. Espresso Machine
  6. The AeroPress

Are you a conventional drip coffee maker lover? There are other options. Most of them are economical or affordable and can make flavorful coffee in your home.  Here are a few:

Chemex Coffee Maker

This beautifully designed coffee maker is good for brewing coffee in your home. It uses an unbleached filter through a slow infusion process to brew coffee. Coffee made using this method is thicker and richer in taste.

The French Press

This is a simple coffee maker that consists of a plunger tool and a glass carafe. It produces a rich delicious tasting coffee you will like. The French press will pass for a pretty kitchen ornament because of its design and it’s very functional. 

The Hario v60

It uses the same mechanism the Chemex coffee makers use to brew coffee. The Hario v60 coffee maker involves pouring coffee through a filter into your cup directly. It also allows you to brew coffee in little quantities.

Moka Pot or Stovetop Espresso Makers

The Moka pot uses a cheaper and simpler method to brew coffee in your home on your stovetop. The good news is that it is not expensive.

The AeroPress 

The AeroPress is a perfect coffee maker for your home. It is a cheaper and easier way to brew good coffee in your home. Unlike other coffee makers that sit permanently on the countertop, the AeroPress is a plastic coffee apparatus. So, you can take it along when traveling.

This plastic apparatus consists of a plunger that is used to filter and brew coffee. Coffee made using the AeroPress has a unique taste and nice flavor.

Espresso Machine

If you love espresso coffee drinks, then you need this coffee maker. There are many methods of brewing your own espresso using this espresso machine.

Espresso machines are expensive, so not everyone can afford to buy one for their home. The Nespresso machine is a cheaper alternative that can brew espresso drinks.

There are different kinds of espresso coffee drinks like, Americano, cappuccino, macchiato, and latte. Although deciding on which espresso drink to make is sometimes difficult, knowing the quantity of froth or milk to put in your cup of espresso is the key.

If you love milk without froth, then the latte coffee is for you. Froth lovers will find cappuccino coffee refreshing, while Americano coffee is a good choice for those that prefer having their coffee without milk.

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What About A Coffee Bar?

After getting the right roast and buying a good coffee maker, the next step is building a coffee bar right in your kitchen. It sets that aura each time you walk your kitchen for that first sip of morning goodness.

Your coffee bar can be a small space on your shelf or countertop. Choose a space for your coffee apparatus, appliances, coffee beans, cups, and whatever you will need.

Make your home coffee brewing extra special!


A perfect cup of coffee requires a consistent trial and error approach. So, feel free to experiment at home with various brewing methods, coffee roasts, grind sizes, and temperature.

This will certainly lead you to a method that brews just the right coffee. Allow your taste buds to guide you always. It is advisable that you grind your coffee beans just before you start brewing to retain its freshness.

Finally, it is important you drink your brewed coffee almost immediately after brewing. Do not let your coffee sit in the brewer or coffee maker for too long. The right time is within the first thirty minutes after brewing.

Keep trying. You are just a step away from being the best barista.